Few Pictures that Show the Beauty of Allah’s Creations

Have you ever seen a beautiful painting? Did you notice the signature of the painter in a corner of the canvas? Professional and novice painters alike sign their work after they have painted a beautiful artwork. This is so people know who is behind the painting and proper credit is given to the original painter. Let’s have a look at the painting below.

beautiful painting of a beach signs of Allah

It’s hard to imagine that this is an actual painting! It’s so nicely done. Now, let’s take a look at the signature of the painter. For that, we will have to zoom in a bit. Take a look below.

miller beautiful painting

Take a look at the bottom left corner of the zoomed in portion of the painting. The above painting was signed by a painter named David Miller.

Now, let’s have a look at some actual real life scenery which Allah has created. Even though He doesn’t sign each and everything He has created, He did give us a brain and a book (the Quran) to understand who is behind these creations.

Allah's creation 1

Allahs creation 2

Allah's creations 3

Allah's creations 4

Allah's creations 5

Allah's creations night sky

Allah's creations 7

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