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Miracle Pictures of Islam

The authenticy of the first set of pictures have been verified through 3rd party sources; references given where applicable. The rest have been sent by our visitors and Allah knows best about the authenticity. These pictures alone don't serve as a proof that Islam is the true religion or that there is a God. The real proof of Islam is in its preserved text, the Holy Quran and the creations all around us are clear evidence that there is a Creator. The signs of Allah appearing in these pictures were perhaps visible to only a few before being captured in a photo but the signs of Allah in His creations are all around and visible to all. "Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers. And in your creation, and what He scattered (through the earth) of moving (living) creatures are signs for people who have Faith with certainty. [al-Jaathiyah 45:3-4].

Verified and Most Popular Miracle Pictures:

Here is the complete list of pictures, newest pictures are on top of the list:

Quranic Verses Appear on Miracle Baby in Dagestan, Russia

Allah's name formed by beautiful clouds on Perth, Australia

Allah's name visible on yahoo map north of Madinah

Clouds form the name of Allah in Kashmir

Vines form the name of Allah on a Acacia Tree

Allah's name appears on a horse in India

Allah's name found on the Moon

Allah's name formed by a tree in England

Allah's Name Appears on an Aglaonema Plant

Allah's Name Appears on Clouds in Lembu's Mountain Langkawi, Indonesia

Allah's Name Appears on a Lule Flower

A Rock in Sajdah Position

Allah's Name Appears on an Oscar Fish

Allah's Name Formed by a Tree

Indonesian Mosques Stand through Earthquake and Tsunami

Allah's Name Appears Beautifully on a Quartz Rock

A Genus Aloe Plant forms the Name of Allah

Allah's name appears as a birthmark on a lamb born in Palestine

Allah's name appears on the Oceans picture from Apollo 11 Shuttle

Amazing Marks on Your Hands

The Sacred Masjids of Islam Shining Like Stars

Aurora in Alaska forms the Beautiful Name of Allah

Allah's Name Found on Whistler Mountains in British Columbia, Canada

Allah's Name Clearly Visible Over Africa

Ice forms the Name of Allah on a Mountain

A Plant Fashions itself to Display the Name of Allah

Allah's Name Appears on a Piece of Meat with newspaper article

Masjid Unaffected by Earthquake in Turkey

A tree in the posture of Islamic prayer

Allah's name appears in a Tomato

Toman fish testifies to the truth includes newspaper article

Allah's name appears in a water melon

Allah's Name Appears on an Aubergine with newspaper article

Allah's Name Written by the Bees

Allah's name appears on a bean

Allah's name appears in an ear of a baby

Miracle in your own Hands

Allah's Name Written by the Clouds

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