Attitude To Have When Calamities Hit Us

Allah (swt) has created three worlds that are relevant to human beings. There is the world of Paradise, which has nothing but pleasure and enjoyment. Then there is the world of hellfire, which has nothing but pain and sorrow. Then there is this world that we live in now.

wild weather calamities

In this world, we get a small sample of Paradise and Hell. Sometimes we will have good times and sometimes we will go through difficulties.

When someone goes for vacation to a tropical island, he is amazed at how beautiful the place is but at the same time, when the evening comes, he will have to deal with mosquito bites. So, he faces both pleasure and inconvenience during his trip. This is the reality of this life.

We should not expect the life of this world to be always smooth. Some difficulties are expected.

Coal is one of the cheapest rocks which costs $0.06 cents per kg. Whereas, diamond, especially blue diamond is the most expensive rock in the planet, which costs $4 million per carat. But, they are both made of carbon. The only difference is, the pressure needed to create each one. Diamonds go through much tougher pressure. Similarly, when we are tested, our value is increasing in the sight of Allah.

Whenever we are faced with any tests in this life, we need to deal with it with patience and faith. Patience and faith are like the roots of trees. When strong wind blows, the trees with stronger roots will hold on to the ground. But those without strong roots will fall.

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