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Signs of Allah in Penguins

Penguins live at the polar region of our planet. The unique feature of the pole is its amazing coldness and that it is always covered with snow and ice. The weather is so cold that it forms glaciers above the sea. Now, think about how cold you feel when you go out to play snowballs in the winter. You would feel cold even if you were wearing a sweater, a coat, a cap, a pair of gloves and a scarf. When you are playing snowballs, the temperature is probably only 10 degrees Celsius below zero (14 degrees Fahrenheit). The penguins live in a place where the temperature falls to 400 C (400 F) below zero.

Moreover, the penguins don't have any coats, sweaters or gloves, and they live in a place that is a lot colder than ours. They walk on ice without any shoes and they don't even become sick. They don't have homes. They sleep on ice. If you were to lie down on ice for even a few minutes, you would become seriously sick. Nothing happens to the penguins. Why?

It is because Allah has created them in such a way that they can live in such a freezing environment. Penguins' bodies and their features are very different from ours. Due to this, they can live in the coldest weather without any difficulties.

Allah has covered penguins' bodies with a very thick layer of fat, so that they won't feel the cold. The layer of fat prevents them from feeling the cold, and acts as a fur. Conversely, the layer of fat surrounding our bodies is quite thin and this is why we quickly become cold. This is why we have to wear thick clothes in cold weather.

The penguin displays great devotion towards its eggs and babies. Penguins incubate their eggs during the coldest weather. Unlike other creatures, it is not the female penguin that incubates the eggs but the male. The female penguin lays only one egg and then leaves it to the male. She leaves for distant places to find food for her husband and baby. Because of all the ice and snow that surrounds them, she has to travel far to be able to find food.

The male penguin incubates the egg for exactly four months. The penguin carries the egg in between his feet and during these four months, he never once leaves it on the ground. If he were to do so, the egg would freeze and die within a matter of minutes.

The male penguin is so patient that for four months, he moves about with the egg between his feet. This is why he is unable to go hunting and remains hungry. The weather is very cold. When the weather becomes unbearably cold, all the male penguins get together even if they are carrying eggs between their feet. They come close to each other, forming a circle, and in this way, they warm each other up. They continuously switch positions so that the ones left outside the circle can also become warm. Just as the egg is about to hatch, the mother penguin returns from hunting. She feeds her baby with the food that she has stored in her throat. To prevent the baby from freezing, the mother and father penguins carry it in between their feet and keep it warm with the fur of their abdomen. As you can see, Allah has given these lovely creatures some exquisite features. Allah has created the penguin with a body that protects it from the cold, and has also made it very devoted. Because they are so dedicated, they take wonderful care of their offspring. This feature has been given to the penguins millions of years ago. The penguins that have lived before and the ones that are living now have not changed a bit when it comes to the devotion that they display.

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