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Signs of Allah in our Senses

Atoms are inanimate beings. How, then, can inanimate substances such as atoms come together and form animate human beings capable of seeing, hearing, interpreting what they hear, enjoying the music to which they listen, thinking, making decisions, being happy or miserable? How could man acquire such traits making him totally different from other conglomerates of atoms?

Certainly, inanimate and unconscious atoms cannot give human beings these human qualities. It is clear that Allah creates man with a spirit endowed with such characteristics. This reminds one of a verse of Allah:

He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay; then produced his seed from an extract of base fluid; then formed him and breathed His Spirit into him and gave you hearing, sight, and hearts. What little thanks you show! (Surat as-Sajda: 7-9)

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