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Watching a Movie

The car parking lots of movie theatres seem to be always full. Even during late nights, there seem to be always people gathering to watch the latest movies. The movies are usually one to two hours long, yet the audiences keep sitting from the beginning to the end. When they come out, they talk about their favorite parts for many days to come. Sometimes, they talk so much about the movie that they convince other people to watch it also. Same thing happens with people's favorite TV shows or other programs. They remain glued to the TV even if the program goes on for hours and hours.

But, what happens when suddenly we are asked to sit for an Islamic lecture or an event for a short while? I have observed myself and many others looking at the watch continuously and waiting to run out of the Masjid. Forget about discussing what we have learned, as soon as we get out, we are angry at those who kept us sitting there for maybe 30 minutes or more. Sometime ago in a Masjid, a person during Jumah actually stood up and told the Imam to stop the Khutbah because the talk went little bit longer than the usual length. This happens because we have not inculcated the love of Allah in our hearts. If we recognized that it is Allah who gave us the time, health, wealth and everything we possess, then we would not be miser in using them for the sake of Allah. On the other hand, our heart is so much filled with the love of this world, that we are ready to spend hours behind watching something which we know is fake and unreal.

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