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Islamic Names for Boys


Aban - Old Arabic name
Abbas - Description of a lion
Abbud - Worshipper
Abbudin - Worshippers
Abdul, Abdel - Servant (of Allah)
Abdul-Alim - Servant of the Omniscient
Abdul-Aliyy - Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Azim - Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Aziz - Servant of the Powerful One
Abdul-Bari - Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Basit - Servant of the Extender
Abdul-Fattah - Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghaffar, Abdul-Ghafur - Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Hadi - Servant of the Guide
Abdul-Hafiz - Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hakam - Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-Hakim - Servant of the Wise One
Abdul-Halim - Servant of the Mild, Patient One
Abdul-Hamid - Servant of the Praised One
Abdul-Haqq - Servant of the Truth
Abdul-Hasib - Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Jabbar - Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jalil - Servant of the Great, Revered One
Abdul-Karim - Servant of the Noble, Generous One
Abdul-Khaliq - Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Latif - Servant of the Kind One
Abdul-Malik - Servant of the Master (or King)
Abdul-Majid - Servant of the Glorious One
Abdul-Matin - Servant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul-Muhaimin - Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul-Mu'izz - Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mujib - Servant of the Responder
Abdul-Muta'al - Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Nasser - Servant of the Victorious One
Abdul-Nasir - Servant of the Helper, Protector
Abdul-Qadir - Servant of the Capable, Powerful
Abdul-Qahhar - Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul-Quddus - Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Rafi - Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
Abdul-Rahim - Servant of the Most Compassionate One
Abdul-Rahman - Servant of the Merciful One
Abdul-Rashid - Servant of the Rightly Guided One
Abdul-Ra'uf - Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-Razzaq - Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul-Sabur - Servant of the Patient
Abdul-Salam - Servant of the Peace
Abdul-Samad - Servant of the Eternal
Abdul-Sami - Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdul-Shakur - Servant of the Most Thankful
Abdul-Tawwab - Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Wadud - Servant of the Loving
Abdul-Wahhab - Servant of the Giver
Abdul-Wahid - Servant of the One
Abdullah - Servant of God
Abu Bakr - Name of one of Muhammad's companions
Abu al Khayr - One who does good
Adel - Just
Adham - Black
Adnan - Proper name
Afif, Afeef - Chaste, modest
Ahmad, Ahmed - Most highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name "Muhammad"
Akil - Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason
Akram - Most generous
Ala' - Nobility
Aladdin, Ala' al din - Nobility of faith
Ali, Aliyy - The highest, greatest, excellent, noble
Alim - Wise or learned
Altair - The flying eagle; also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra
Amid - General
Amin, Ameen - Faithful, trustworthy
Amir, Ameer - Prince
Amjad - More glorious
Ammar - Builder, constructor
Amr - Old Arabic name
Anis - Close friend
Anwar - Light
Arfan - Gratitude
Arif - Corporal; aquainted, knowledgable
Asad - Lion
Asadel - Most prosperous one
Ashraf - Most honorable
Asif - Forgiveness
Asim - Protector, defender
Aswad - Black
Ata - Gift
Atif - Compassionate, sympathetic
Awad - Reward, compensation
Ayman - Lucky; on the right
Ayyub, Ayoob - A Prophet's name
Aza - Comfort
Azhar - Most shining, luminous
Azeem, Azim - Defender, referring to one of God's ninety-nine qualities
Azzam - Determined, resolved


Badr - Full moon
Badr al Din - Full moon of the faith
Baha - Beautiful, magnificent
Baha al Din, Bahiyy al Din - Magnificence of the faith
Bahir - Dazzling, brilliant
Barakah - Blessing
Bashshar - Bringer of glad tidings
Basil - Brave
Bassam, Basim - Smiling
Bilal - Name of the Prophet's Muezzin
Bishr - Joy
Burhan - Proof


Dabir - Secretary
Da'ud, Dawud - Arabic form of "David", beloved; a Prophet's name
Dhul Fiqar - Name of the Prophet's sword
Diya al Din - Brightness of the faith


Emir - To command
Esam, Essam - Safeguard


Fadi - Redeemer
Fadil - Generous, honorable
Fahd, Fahad - Lynx
Faisal, Faysal - Decisive
Fakhir - Proud, excellent
Fakhiri, Fakhry - Honorary
Fakih - Legal expert; one who recites the Qu'ran
Farid, Fareed - Unique
Fariq, Fareeq - Lieutenant General
Faris - Horseman, knight
Faruq, Farooq - One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Fath - Victory
Fatin, Fateen - Clever, smart
Fawwaz - Successful
Ferran - Baker
Fida - Redemption, sacrifice
Firas - Perspicacity
Fouad - Heart
Fudail - Excellent in character


Gamal, Gamali - Camel
Ghalib - Victor
Ghassan - Old Arabic name
Ghazi - Conqueror
Ghiyath - Succorer


Habib - Beloved
Hadi - Guiding to the right
Hakeem, Hakim - Wise, one of God's ninety-nine qualities
Hakem - Ruler, governor
Halim - Mild, gentle, patient
Hamal - Lamb
Hamdan - The praised one; variation of the name "Muhammad"
Hamid - The praised one; variation of the name "Muhammad"
Hamzah - Lion
Hanbal - Purity
Hani - Happy, delighted, content
Hanif - True believer
Harith - Ploughman, cultivator
Haroun, Harun - Arabic form of "Aaron"; lofty or exalted; A Prophet's name
Hashim - Broker, destroyer of evil; Hashim was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Hassan - Beautiful, handsome
Hatim - Judge
Haytham - Young hawk
Hilal - Moon
Hilel - The new moon
Hisham - Generosity
Hud, Houd - A Prophet's name
Hudhayfah - Old Arabic name
Humam - Courageous, generous
Husain, Hussein - Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Husam - Sword
Husam al Din - Sword of the faith
Husayn - Beautiful


Ibrahim - Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham)
Idris - A Prophet's name
Ihsan - Beneficence
Imad - Support, pillar
Imad al Din - Pillar of the faith
Imran - A Prophet's name
Irfan - Thankfulness
Isa, Eisa - A Prophet's name (Jesus)
Isam, Issam - Safeguard
Ishaq - A Prophet's name
Isma'il - A Prophet's name
Izz al Din - Might of the faith


Jabbar - Mighty
Jabir - Consoler, Comforter
Jafar - Rivulet
Jalal - Glory of the faith
Jalil, Jaleel - Great, revered
Jamal - Beauty
Jamal al Din - Beauty of the faith
Jamil, Jameel - Beautiful
Jawad - Open-handed, generous
Jawhar - Jewel, essence
Jibril - Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)
Jihad - Struggle, holy war
Jumah - Born on Friday


Kadar, Kedar - Powerful
Kadeen, Kadin - Friend, companion, confidant
Kadeer, Kadir - Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence)
Kahil - Friend, lover
Kaliq - Creative, refers to a quality of God
Kamal - Beauty, perfection
Kamil, Kameel - Perfect; one of the ninety-nine qualities of God
Kardal - Mustard seed
Karif, Kareef - Born in Autumn
Karim, Kareem - Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
Kasib, Kaseeb - Fertile
Kaseem, Kasim - Divided
Kateb - Writer
Khaldun, Khaldoon - Old Arabic name
Khalid, Khaled - Eternal
Khalil, Khaleel, Kalil - Beautiful, good friend
Khatib - Religious Minister
Khair al Din - The good of the faith
Khairy, Khayri - Charitable, beneficent
Khuzaymah - Old Arabic name


Labib, Labeeb - Sensible, intelligent
Latif - Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
Luqman - Name of a wise man in Islamic history.
Lutfi - Kind and friendly


Mahdi - Guided to the right path
Mahir - Skilled
Mahmud, Mahmoud - The praised one; variation of the name "Muhammad"
Maimun - Lucky
Majdy - Glorious
Majid al Din - Glory of the Faith
Majid, Majd - Glorious
Makin - Strong, firm
Malik - Master, angel, king
Mamdouh - One who is commended, praised, glorified
Ma'mun - Trustworthy
Ma'n - Benefit
Mansur - Divinely aided
Marid - Rebellious
Marzuq - Blessed by God, fortunate
Mash'al - Torch
Mas'ud - Fortunate, happy, lucky
Mazin - Proper name
Misbah - Lamp
Mohammed - Praised; from "Muhammad", name of the Prophet (pbuh)
Mu'adh - Protected
Mu'awiyah - Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah)
Mu'ayyad - Supported
Mubarak - Happy, blessed
Mufid, Mufeed - Useful
Muhammad - Praised; the name of the Prophet (pbuh)
Muhanned - Sword
Muhsin - Beneficient, charitable
Muhtadi - Rightly guided
Mujahid - Fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mukhtar - Chosen
Mundhir - Warner, cautioner
Munir, Muneer - Brilliant, shining
Muntasir - Victorious
Murtadi, Murtadhy - Satisfied, content
Musa, Moosa - A Prophet's name (Moses)
Mus'ad - Unfettered camel
Muslim - Submitting oneself to God
Mustafa - Chosen one
Muta - Obeyed
Mu'tasim - Adhering (to faith, to God)
Mu'tazz - Proud, mighty
Muti - Obedient
Muwaffaq - Successful


Nabhan, Nabih - Noble, outstanding
Nabil, Nabeel - Noble
Nadhir - Warner
Nadim, Nadeem - Friend
Nadir - Dear, rare
Naif Na'il - Aquirer, earner
Naim - Comfort, ease, tranquility
Naji - Safe
Najib, Najeeb - Of noble descent
Najjar - Carpenter
Najm al Din - Star of the faith
Nasih - Advisor
Nasim - Fresh air
Nasir, Nasser - Protector
Nasir al Din - Protector of the faith
Nasser - Victorious
Nawfal - Generous, old Arabic name for the Sea
Nazih, Nazeeh - Pure, chaste
Nazim, Nazeem - Arranger, adjuster
Nuh, Nooh - A Prophet's name
Numair - Panther
Nu'man - Blood
Nur al Din - Brightness of the faith
Nuri, Noori - Shining, brightness


Omar - Long life, first son, most high, the Prophet's follower
Omran - Solid structure


Qasim - Divider, distributor
Qays - Firm
Qudamah - Courage
Qutaybah, Qutaiba - Irritable, impatient


Rabah - Gainer
Rabi - Spring, breeze
Rafi - Exalting
Rafiq - Kind, friend
Raghib, Ragheb - Desirous
Rahman - Compassionate, merciful; referring to qualities of God listed in the Qu'ran
Ra'id - Leader
Rais - Captain
Rakin - Respectful
Rashad - Integrity of conduct
Rashid - One of good council; rightly guided, having true faith
Ratib - Arranger
Rayhan - favored by God
Reda, Rida, Ridha - (In God's) favor; contentment, satisfaction
Ridwan - Acceptance, good will; name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven
Riyad, Riyadh - Gardens


Sabih, Sabeeh - Beautiful
Sabir, Sabeer - Patient
Saad - Good luck
Sadaqat - Charity
Sa'eed, Sa'id - Happy
Safiy - Best friend
Safwan - Rocks
Sahir - Wakeful
Sajid - One who worships God
Salah - Righteousness
Salah al Din - Righteousness of the Faith
Saleh, Salih - Good, right
Salim, Saleem - Safe, whole, flawless
Salman - Safe
Sameh - Forgiver
Sami - High, lofty, exalted
Samir, Sameer - Entertaining companion
Samman - Grocer
Saqr - Falcon
Sariyah - Clouds at night
Saud - Fortunate
Sayyid - Master
Seif, Sayf - Sword (of religion)
Seif al Din - Sword of the faith
Shadi - Singer
Shafiq, Shafeeq - Compassionate, tender
Shakir - Thankful
Sharif, Shareef - Honest, noble, distinguished
Shihab - Flame, blaze
Siraj - Lamp, light
Sofian - Devoted
Subhi - Early morning
Suhail, Suhayl - Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhayb - Of reddish hair or complexion
Sulaiman, Sulayman - A Prophet's name (Solomon)
Su'ud, Suoud - Good luck


Tahir - Pure, clean
Talal - Nice, admirable
Talib - Seeker (of truth)
Tamir - One who owns date palm trees
Tamam - Generous
Tarif, Tareef - Rare, uncommon
Tariq - Name of a star
Tawfiq - Success, reconciliation
Taymullah - Servant of God
Taysir - Facilitation
Tayyib - Good or delicate
Thabit - Firm
Thaqib - Shooting Star


Ubadah, Ubaida, Ubaydah - Servant of God
Ubaid - Faithful
Ubayy - Old Arabic name
Umar - Name of the second Khalifa
Umarah - Old Arabic name
Umayr, Umair - Old Arabic name
Usama, Usamah - Description of a lion
Utbah - Old Arabic name
Uthman - One of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh)


Wadi - Calm, peaceful
Wafiq, Wafeeq - Successful
Wahid - Singular, exclusive, unequalled
Wa'il - Coming back (for Shelter)
Wajih, Wajeeh - Noble
Wakil - Lawyer
Waleed, Walid - Newborn child
Walliyullah - Supporter of God
Wasim, Waseem - Graceful, good looking
Wazir - Minister


Yahyah - A Prophet's name
Yaman - Proper name
Ya'qub - Arabic form of "Jacob"
Yasar, Yasser - Wealth, ease
Yasin, Yaseen - One of Muhammad's names
Yasir - Wealthy
Yazid, Yazeed - God will increase
Youssef, Yusef, Yusuf - Arabic form of "Joseph"; to increase (in power and influence); a Prophet's name
Yunus, Yoonus - A Prophet's name
Yushua - God saves
Yusuf - A Prophet's name (Joseph)


Zafir - Victorious
Zahid - Self-denying or ascetic
Zahir - Bright, shining
Zaid, Zayd - Increase, growth
Zaim - Brigadier General
Zakariyya - A Prophet's name
Zaki - Intelligent
Zakiy - Pure
Ziyad - Super abundance
Zuhair, Zuhayr - Bright

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