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Junaid Jamshed Nasheed and Naat MP3 Downloads

This page contains downloadable mp3 nasheeds of popular Pakistani artist Junaid Jamshed. You will also find his short biography towards the bottom of this page.

Album: Jalwa-e-Janaan

Album: Mehboob-e-Yazdaan

Album: Badr ud Duja

Junaid Jamshed's Biography

Junaid Jamshaid was born in 1964, Junaid Jamshaid’s rise to fame began in 1987 as the leader of the iconic Pakistani rock group Vital Signs and their famous song “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Junaid became increasingly sensitive towards the deep sense of dissatisfaction in his heart.

He left the music industry completely at the peak of his career and has devoted his life to the effort of Da’wah. He now uses his talent to compose Anasheed is praise of Allah (SWT) and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).He has released three Nasheed CDs, Jalwa-e-Janan(2005), Mehboob-e-Yazdaan (2006) and most recently Badr-ud-Duja(2008). He passed away in 2016.

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