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Will we end up like this?

Abu Huraira (RA) narrates that once the Holy Prophet (SAW) said "Let me show you the reality of this world." I requested him to do that. He took me to a place of refuse outside Medina. There I saw human skulls and bones sunk in filth with dirty rags scattered all around.

Addressing me he said "These are the human skulls that embodied brains filled with greed. These people were like many amongst you who live today. Like all of you they pinned their hopes on things worldly. These skulls are lying without skin and after a few days they will become part of the earth. They struggled hard to eat the spicy dishes only to swallow this filth today. The state in which they exist now cannot be tolerably seen by those who have eyes to see. The very sight of those who enjoyed the fragrance of tasty food makes you hate them. These dirty rags are the substitue for the gaudy dresses that made men proud. Now they are at the mercy of winds which move them the way they like. And these are the bones of those animals that carried human beings only to make them feel proud. Any one can shed a tear or two at their tragic end." Abu Huraira stated that the tears welled up in his eyes and he wept bitterly.

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