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Why bitter fruits were sweet to Ayyaz

There was a famous ruler by the name Sultan Mahmud and he had a slave called Ayyaz. Sultan Mahmud loved Ayyaz very much because of his great wisdom. From time to time, Sultan would test Ayyaz with various things to see how much love Ayyaz had for him. One day, Sultan Mahmud gathered the most bitter fruits from his garden and called Ayyaz. Sultan told Ayyaz to eat them. Ayyaz took the fruits in his hands and kissed them and then started eating them without any hesitation. Sultan observed that Ayyaz was eating the fruits with great pleasure and the bitter taste was not affecting him in any way. Now Sultan started thinking that he might've picked the wrong fruits, so, he took one of the fruits from Ayyaz to find out. As soon as Sultan took a bite, he was overwhelmed by the bitterness of the fruit and started screaming for water. When Sultan settled down, he asked Ayyaz why he was unaffected by the fruits. Ayyaz said "You only see the bitterness of the fruits but you don't see the one who gave them to me? They were given to me by the king himself!"

My dear friends, today we find some commandments of Allah to be bitter and hard to follow. However, we should rather follow them with great love because they were given to us by the King of all kings, Allah.

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