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We are all invited to the feast

The Prophet of Allah (Muhammad, peace be upon him) was shown a heavenly visitant (in a dream) and it was said to him: Let your eyes sleep and your ears hear and your heart perceive. He (the Prophet) said: My eyes slept, my ears heard and my heart perceived. He (the Prophet) said: It was said to me: The master built a house, arranged feast and sent someone to issue invitations. He who responded to the host entered the house, ate the feast and the master was well-pleased with him. He who did not respond to the host neither entered the house nor ate the feast and the master was annoyed with him. He explained: Allah is the Master; Muhammad is one who extends invitation; the house is al-Islam and the feast is Paradise.
Source: Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 161. Narrated by Rabi'ah al-Jurashi, transmitted by Darimi.

Let us strive hard to live and die with iman (faith). Remember to make dua often for all the Muslims who are suffering all over the world. Say ameen to the following: Ya Allah, forgive our sins, make us better Muslims and destory or guide those who bring oppression to this world. Remember, we shouldn't look only towards the sky to see the help of Allah come down. It won't come down until we look into ourselves and change ourselves to the way that Allah and His Messenger loves.

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