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Tragic Death of Two Friends

Here is a true incident of two Muslim friends who died in an accident. The incident took place in 2001 in Toronto, Canada. One of the brothers who died was our neighbour. His name was Samanthar. He was a teenager and had great dreams for the future. We would visit him sometimes to talk about the purpose of life. Due to the pressure from friends, he would always say "Insha-Allah" and hope to start doing things in the near future. Then one day, it all came to an end. Brother Samanthar along with another brother was driving a car at night around 9:00 p.m. At one place, they stopped the car as the traffic light turned red. Far behind them was a police car that was chasing a stolen van. The van came really fast and hit Samanthar's car from the back. Instantly, the two brothers passed away. May Allah forgive them and cover them with His mercy.

Everyone, mainly the youth, should take a lesson from this incident that death is unpredictable. No one should delay practicing Islam for a later time as that time may never come. Let's make a strong commitment to start today. May Allah make it easy.

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