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Those who travel by night take rest in the morning

Qasim bin Raashid (Rahmatullah alaihe) says that Sheikh Zam'ah (Rahmatullah alaihe) was staying with his wife and daughters, in their neighbourhood at Muhassab (a place near Makkah Mukarramah). They saw that the Sheikh was accustomed to stand in Salaat for long hours of the night. He used to awake his wife and children for Tahajjud in the latter part of the night, saying, "Wake up, O travellers! Let us proceed. Will you lie sleeping the whole night through?" At his call, all of them would wake up and engage in different activities. One of them would perform Wudhu and offer Nafl Salaat, another would sit in a corner and weep from fear of Allah, still another would sit and recite from the Holy Quraan. They continued in this state till dawn, when the Sheikh called them and said, "Rest a while, for those who travel by night take rest in the morning."

How do we spend our night?

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