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The smart thing to do

Here is another story about Sultan Mahmud of Afghanistan and his servant, Ayyaz. Sultan Mahmud would respect Ayyaz for his wisdom even though he was a servant. This made the ministers and other people of high positions very jealous of Ayyaz. They talked wrong against him and started a rumour that Ayyaz was nothing but a fool. The king came to know of this and he decided to prove to them who were the real fools. An announcement was made to all the people that the King will distribute his belongings on a particular date. Whatever a person touch will become his on that day. When the day came, many people appeared by the king's palace. The king made his announcement again that a person can have whatever he touches. The door was opened and everyone ran to touch whatever was of value in the palace. Some touched jewelery of gold while others touched fancy furnitures, etc. But Ayyaz was just standing by the king and was not touching anything. People thought that Ayyaz was crazy as he wasn't taking advantage of this great event. Now, Ayyaz asked the king if the announcement he made was certain. The king said "Yes, whatever you touch is yours." Immediately, Ayyaz placed his right hand on the king's head and the left hand on his shoulder. He then shouted, "Listen everyone. I was waiting for this moment to aquire the most expensive thing. All of you took whatever the king possessed, but you forgot about the owner of all these, which is the king himself. I hereby declare that my hands are on the king, so the king is mine. You cannot remove one thing from this palace because I am the owner of all these now." After hearing this from Ayyaz, everyone realized that actually, Ayyaz is the only smart one and everyone else was in error.

Today people are only running after the creations but, very few are running towards the Creator Himself. If Allah, the King of all kings, becomes our Friend then what else do we need?

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