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The Quran amazes a sailor

"(The unbelievers' state) is like a vast deep ocean, overwhelmed with waves, one over the other, and above it is a cloud of darkness upon darkness, one above another; if a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it; For anyone to whom Allah gives no light, there is no light." Al Quran, Surah An-Noor ( 24:40)

Gary Miller in his book, "The Amazing Quran" stated the following story: A Muslim gave a copy of the Holy Quran to a man who was a merchant marine. This man knew nothing about the history of Islam. When he finished reading the Holy Quran, he asked his Muslim friend: "This man Muhammad RasulAllah (SAW), was he a sailor? When he was told that Muhammad RasulAllah (SAW) lived in a desert and probably did not even see an ocean during his whole life, he embraced Islam on the spot. He acknowledged that this description of the Holy Quran could only be described by one who had actually seen sea storms many times, whereas Muhammad RasulAllah (SAW) never witnessed this phenomenon.

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