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The prayer of Hadrat Umar (ra)

He used to stand up in prayer the whole night and used to weep so much that there had grown two permanently dark tear-lines on his face.

Abdullah bin Shaddad (RA) narrated that one day Hadrat 'Umar (RA) led the prayer and as he came to the Verse:

"Verily, I only complain of my sorrow and my grief to Allah" (Yosuf:86)

he wept so much that the people were greatly perturbed.

Hadrat Imam Hasan (RA) narrated that once Hadrat 'Umar (RA) was leading the prayer. When he reached the Verse:

"The punishment of thy Lord shall certainly come to pass. There is none who can avert it." (At-Tur:7,8)

he wept so much that his eyes were swollen. At times he wept so much that people got despaired of his life.

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