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The man who plucked out his eye

Ka'ab relates, once at the time of Prophet Musa (AS), there was a drought. The Bani Israeel asked him to pray for rain. Prophet Musa told them to come with him to the mountain. When they climbed the mountain he said to his people, "Whoever has commited a sin? then do not follow me." They all turned back down the mountain except for one man. He was blind from one eye and known to the people as Barkh. Prophet Musa asked him, "Did you not hear what I said?" "Yes" he replied. Prophet Musa asked again, "Have you never commited a sin?" Barkh paused and then replied, "I cannot remember commiting a sin except for one, but I do not know whether it is regarded as a sin. I will mention in to you and if it is a sin I shall return." Prophet Musa enquired, "What is it?" Barkh replied, "Once I happened to pass the door of a house which was open. I glanced in and saw somebody, but I was not able to tell whether it was a man or a woman. I said to my eye, 'Out of my whole body you hurried to commit a sin, you cannot remain with me anymore', so I plucked out my eye. If this is a sin, I will return." Prophet Musa assured him that he had not sinned and then told him to pray for rain. They prayed to Allah, "Oh Almighty, whatever you have does not finish. There is no end to your treasures; you cannot be accused of being miserly. Oh Allah show us your mercy and send forth rain." The narrator states that they both walked home in the mud.

From 'Stories of the Pious', by Maulana Ahmed Ali, originally recorded in Rowdh.

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