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The last touch

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was sitting in the row of his Sahabah on the day of the battle of Badr. He had an arrow without point in his hand. Suwaid bin Ghazia (RA) was a little forward from the row. He (SAW) pushed his belly gently with this stick asking him to stay erect. He said "O Prophet of Allah! You have caused pain to me although Allah has sent you for establishing truth and justice. Hence let me take my revenge." Thereupon, he (SAW) raised his clothe from his body and asked him to take his revenge. Now Suwaid (RA) hugged him and kissed his belly. "What made you to do so O Suwaid!" he (SAW) inquired. He submitted "You see what is lying before us. I thought to have the last meeting with you in a state that my skin get in touch with that of yours." Hearing this, he (SAW) prayed for his welfare. Source: Transmitted by Ibn Is'haque from Hib'ban.

The companions of the Prophet loved him (SAW) more than anyone else. Even at the last moment, they wish to be in touch with Rasulullah (SAW) rather than their family members. Indeed, we will be raised with those whom we love.

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