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The Dumb Boy

I would like to relate a story about a "dumb" boy. There was a rich man in Pakistan with tremendous wealth. He was a landlord. However, the man had a dumb son who had very little intelligence. The people call the son a stupid. One day, the rich man called his son and told him to make him some tea. The son made some tea and brought it to his father. The father took one sip from the cup and to his surprise, it was very delicious. He asked his son about how the tea was made. The son said that "I went to the backyard to look for some firewood. But, since it was raining, all the woods were wet. So, I went to the place where you store your money and picked up a lot of cash. Then I burned all the paper money to made the tea." The tea that tasted very good in the beginning to the father now tasted like poison.

All of us reading this story is thinking that the son is really dumb. Why? Because he burned valuable money just to make a cup of tea. That's right, but in reality, that person is more dumber who burns his everlasting life in the hereafter (akhira) for this short life.

The wisest of all men is he who remembers death often and prepares for it.

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