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Sudden Death of a Brother

During giving a lecture to the youths in March 2002, brother Nakuda (an Imam of Makki Masjid located in Brampton, Canada), mentioned the following story: A Muslim brother bought a house in the neighbouring city and moved in it with his family. All day they were busy in placing things here and there. In fact, they bought the house with much effort and now they could finally enjoy it. But, they had no idea what was to come on the next day. In the following morning, the brother and his wife were going to work with their car. On their way, they got into a terrible car accident. The husband died and the wife survived. Death took over the husband and not the wife even though they were seating side by side. Brother Nakuda did his Janaza on the day he had to give the lecture to the youths.

We are all aware of our birth dates but we do not know when our death dates will be. Rather than thinking back and enjoying the day we were born, we should realize that the day to leave this world is coming nearer. How strange is a human being that the hereafter comes closer and closer to him yet he moves further and further from the obedience of Allah!

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