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Shaikh proves to the non believer that there is a God

Many years ago, there once lived a man who didn't believe in Allah. And because he didn't believe in Allah, he would mock at all the muslims about believing in One Allah . It so happened that a Sheikh was told about the man and his wicked ways. He thought long and hard about a plan and, at last, came up with a plan that Insha Allah, would work.

He challenged all those who didn't believe in God and fixed a time and date for this challenge. This challenge was to take place on an open ground, in which the Sheikh would prove to them that there was a God and only One God Allah.

On this day, thousands of people turned up for the event. Everyone, including the muslims were curious to see how the Sheikh would prove One Allah to them. So the muslims were seated on one side, and the disbelievers on the other side. Five minutes ticked by, then ten . . . But the Sheikh was nowhere to be seen. He had not turned up.

The speaker of the disbelievers stood up and spoke to the people : " It seems that we are all wasting our time ! Even the Sheikh knows that there is no God, that's why he decided not to attend this meeting."

Just at that moment, the Sheikh arrived.

"What took you so long ? It seems that you yourself are in doubt that there is a God!" laughed the disbeliever.

But the Sheikh replied in a calm voice, " You see, on my way here, there was a river to cross. I waited for the boat, but I could not see one. All of a sudden, a nearby tree walked towards the river bank and fell down in front of me. The bark peeled off automatically and started to chop itself into planks, all by itself. Then the bits and the planks began to fix itself and formed into a beautiful boat. I quickly got into the boat and it started to row, all by itself. This is how I got here."

The disbeliever laughed and told all the muslims, "What kind of Sheikh have you elected as your speaker ? He is insane ! How can a tree walk ? How can a tree peel itself ? How can a tree chop itself an and form into a boat ?"

Then Sheikh spoke : " This is just what I wanted to hear ! Just as a tree can't form itself into a boat, how can the sun rise all by itself in the morning at its exact time ?

How can it set each evening at its correct moment and place? Who makes us breathe in air and who makes our heart beat?"

The disbeliever bowed down his head he was speechless and he had no answer.

"Allah, of course ! He is the Creator of the entire Universe," the Sheikh said.

Such was the effect of the Sheikh's words and his beautiful invitation to Islam, that many of the disbelievers became muslims at the hands of the Sheikh.

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