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Not Afraid of Losing the Job

When Mufti Muhammad Shafee' (rahmatullahi alayh) came to Pakistan (from India), he was appointed as a member of the Islamic Education Board by the Government. This Board was one of the sections of the Government. Once the Government decided to take an action, which was contrary to Islamic Laws. Mufti Shafee' was prompt to oppose it and explained that due to it's being against the teachings of Islaam, it should not be adopted. His remarks, however, prompted a debate between the Government officers, many of whom began to criticise the respected Mufti for having said what he did, as he was a member of the Board and part of the Government.

Seeing this, Mufti Shafee' bluntly addressed the gathering and said that he had agreed to become a Member of the Board only for the sake of Islaam, and therefore, it was his duty to object to what was unislamic, regardless of whether his objection was in agreement with the line of the Government or not. He clarified that he was not a Government servant and unlike them was not worried about losing his job. He said, "I have my resignation letter in my pocket and my expenses do not exceed a few rupees, so I am not dependent on salary and allowances like you. I can earn that much money by hard labour too, while you cannot because your suit alone costs two hundred rupees, so, you might fear losing your job."

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