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Look at a man who will enter paradise

One day the Prophet peace be upon him looked at a man and said: Whoever likes to look at a man who will enter Paradise, let him look at this man. Abdullah Ibn Abbas, who was present and heard this comment, followed the man who was favoured with this promise. He asked his permission to be his guest which the man accepted. After observing him for three consecutive nights, without seeing anything extraordinary about him, Abdullah Ibn Abbas said: I don't see anything about you which qualifies you to enter Paradise more than the rest of us. Can you remember one special thing you do of which I may not be aware. After thinking for sometime the man said: Nothing is outstanding in my life except one thing, may be, that I go to bed with a pure and sound heart towards my friends (meaning to forgive others of their bad qualities and to think good of everybody). Then Ibn Abbas exclaimed: This is exactly what qualifies you to enter paradise. Source: from the book "Luminaries of Islam" by Arafat K.El-Ashi

It is not easy to forgive others of their faults but let us try hard to bring this quality in ourselves.

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