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Listen to this very carefully

Amr (RA) narrates that Prophet (SAW) one day delivered a sermon saying: Listen carefully! The world and its things are temporary commodity (and as such have no worth and value), shared and consumed by both the good and the evil people alike! Indeed, the Hereafter is truly a reality and will arrive at its appointed time in which Judgement will be made by a Powerful King. Listen carefully! Indeed all good, in all its varieties, is in Paradise! Indeed all evil, in all its varieties, is in the Fire. Understand it well; whatever you do, do it being fearful of Allah; and understand that you will be presented (in front of Allah) with you actions. Whosoever does an atom's worth of good, he will see it, and whosoever does an atom's worth of evil, he will see it! Source: Musnad Sha'fi.

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