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I feel clean for the first time

Once a pious Muslim brother got a job in a restaurant. He took with himself a container for water so that he can use it for toilet purposes. So, everytime he goes to the toilet, he fills the container with water and takes it with him. One day, a Christian man, who also works there, saw him taking water and asked him about the reason for it. The Muslim brother told him that after releasing the dirty materials, we should clean that place and that cleanliness is a major part of Islam. The man said that why not use the toilet papers? The brother asked him that if such dirty thing touched his hands, would he use a toilet paper to wipe it off or use water? The man understood and said that he would use water. The next day, the Christian man brought a container for himself and used it during relieving himself. When he came out of the toilet, he was crying and tears were rolling down his cheeks. The Muslim brother asked him about why he is crying. The Christian man said that "For the first time in my life, I feel completely clean." Thereafter, he accepted Islam and became a devouted Muslim.

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