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How he used his eyes

It is said that Da'wood Ta'ee Rahmatullah alaihe used to take crumbs of bread soaked in water, that being the only meal he took everyday. On being asked why he did so, he replied, "By drinking this liquid food, instead of chewing and swallowing bread, I can save enough time to recite fifty Ayaat of the Holy Quran." Once a visitor came to see him and told him that the beam of his room had cracked. He said, "I have not looked up at the ceiling of this room for the last twenty years." Not only did these pious beings avoid indulging in idle talks, but also abstained from idle gazing. Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Rahmatullah alaihe says that he remained with Sheikh Ahmad ibne Razeen Rahmatullah alaihe from morning till Asr and saw that the Sheikh never looked this way or that. Someone asked him about it and he said, "Allah Ta'ala has granted us the gift of eyes in order that we may take a lesson from seeing His Majesty and Grandeur, manifested in all created things. He who cannot do so is not making proper use of his eyes."

May Allah give us the ability to make wise use of our bounties.

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