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Hinduism to Christianity to Islam

The following story is about a brother from Guyana who became a Muslim from being a Hindu and Christian Priest for 10 years.

His current name is Ahmed Tabarani. He was born in a poor Hindu family in Guyana. However, he used to dislike worshipping statues since his childhood. As he grew up, he became connected with the local Church because they worshipped three divine beings (God, Jesus and Holy Spirit) rather than worshipping hundreds of idols. Eventually, he became a Christian and studied for many years to become a Christian priest. The Church hired him and paid for all his travelling and living expenses. His family became very pleased to see that because he became a Christian, their poverty was removed. As a result, the whole family became Christians. During the 10 years of serving as a Priest, he always used to wake up at night and meditate. He used to ask God to show him whether he was following the truth. In one such nights, he had a vision. He saw that three people dressed in white long throbes, wearing turban and beard are walking towards him and these people are to show him the true religion. After seeing this vision, many years passed by but he didn't see such a thing happening. But one day, a group of Muslims (part of Tabligh Jamah) visited a Masjid near his place to call people towards Allah. That afternoon, as he was going to the Church, he saw three of these Muslims are coming towards him. Immediately, he remembered his vision. These three Muslims resembled exactly what he saw in the vision. Then he approached them and asked what religion they follow. The Muslims told him about Islam and he became a Muslim on the spot and quit being a priest. Poverty again took over his family as he quit his job. All his family members, especially his mother, became angry at him for becoming a Muslim. But he said the following words to his mother, "Dear mother, I could give you a new pair of shoes, but they will become worn out. I could give you a new dress, but that too will become old and ripped. But I can give you something that will never finish. My mother, say 'There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.'" The mother was really touched by this statement and became a Muslim. Following her, everyone else in the family also became Muslims. For 15 years, Ahmed Tabarani is a practising Muslim serving Islam with his total energy. He is currently living in Canada.

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