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He is unknown on earth but well known in heaven

Abu Huraira says (may Allah be pleased with him): The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Allah Almighty loves from among His creatures the purest, the unknown and the innocent ones; those whose heads are not combed, whose faces are dusty and whose stomachs are empty; those who are not allowed to enter the courts of the leaders and the kings; and are rejected if they should ask the hand of wealthy girls. If they are absent nobody would ask about them and once they appear no one is pleased to see them; when these people become sick no one visits them and once they die none attend their funerals.

The Prophet was then asked: How can we meet one of them O Messenger of Allah? He said: One such person is Uways Al Qarani. The Companions asked: And who is Uways Al Qarani? He said: A wide eyed white person, broad shouldered, with a straight built body. He always has his beard close to his bosom, with his eyes fixed on the place of his prostration, putting his right hand on his left hand, reciting the Quran and weeping upon himself. He has dirty clothes and no one cares for him. He is unknown on earth but well known in heaven. If he swears upon Allah, Allah will surely fulfil his oath. Under his left shoulder he has a white brilliant spot. On the Day of Judgement it will be said to the slaves of Allah: Enter Paradise, and Uways will be told: Stop here to make intercesion. Then Allah will make him intercede in favour a large number of poeple, equivalent to the tribes of Rabiah and Muddar. O Umer and you Ali, if you should meet him ask him to seek forgiveness of Allah for you; for Allah will surely forgive you.

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