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Fragrance from a grave

A group of learned scholars were travelling through some villages of Pakistan. They reached a particular village where some people came up to them and requested them to visit a grave yard. Upon reaching the graveyard, they smelt a beautiful fragrance coming out from one of the newly dug graves. The villagers asked the scholars if they knew why this smell is eminating from that particular grave. The scholars decided to meet some family members of that person who died to find out what he used to do. After meeting them, they discovered that the man didn't know how to read the Quran. However, after every Fajr salah, he would sit with the Quran and put his fingers on verses and say "My Lord has spoken the truth here. My Lord has spoken the truth here." Then the scholars concluded that the beautiful fragrance is coming out because of this deed of that man. Source: This story was narrated to me by Shaikh Mahmud Abdi from Yemen who personally knows one of the scholars who were travelling.

May Allah also give us the ability to read and love the Holy Quran. Ameen.

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