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Fighting at the age of 94

Ammar bin Yasir (RA) and his parents were subjected to the severest afflictions after becoming Muslims. They were tormented on the scorching sands of Mecca. The Prophet (SAW) while passing by them would enjoin patience giving them glad tidings about paradise. Ammar's father Yasir (RA) died after prolonged sufferings at the hands of persecutors and his mother Sumayya (RA) was killed by Abu Jahl, who put his spear through the most private part of her body, causing her death. She had refused to renounce Islam in the face of terrible torture in her old age. The blessed lady was the first to meet martyrdom in the cause of Islam. Ammar fought against the enemies of Islam with great zeal and courage. Once (after the death of Prophet Muhammad) he was fighting in a battle when he said rejoicingly: "I am to meet my friends very soon, I am to meet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions." He then asked for water. He was offered some milk instead. He took it and said: "I heard the Prophet (SAW) saying to me, "Milk shall be the last drink of your worldly life." He then fought till he met his coveted end. He was then aged about nintey-four. Source: Extracted from the book "Stories of the Sahabah" translated by Abdul Rashid.

These real Muslims even continued to give service to Islam even beyond the age of 90! May Allah also bless us with such spirits.

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