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Doctor Dies, Patient Lives

The following incident was narrated by a well known preacher of this age known as Colonel Sayed Amir Uddin, currently a Canadian resident. Over 6,000 Non-Muslims have accepted Islam through him.

He narrates: I visited a friend in a hospital who had severe cancer. While I was there, a doctor came and gave him the bad news that he will live for only one more week. Then the doctor left to get some medicines for him. As the doctor was going down the stairs, he slipped and fell down the stairs. He was seriously injured and died on that day. On the other hand, my friend who was suppose to die in one week lived for three more years!

This incident shows that death is unpredictable. Today we hear about hundreds of people dieing around us but Satan tells you and me that let them die, you have a long way to go.

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