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Comments about two people

Sahl ibne Sa'd (RA) narrates: Once a person passed by Rasulullah (SAW), (and) he asked someone sitting with him: What do you think of the passerby? He replied: He is among the respected of the society; and by Allah! If he proposes to a woman, he will be married; should he recommend something, his recommendation will be accepted. Rasulullah (SAW) kept his peace (silence). Then, another person passed by, and Rasulullah (SAW) asked (the man sitting with him, again): What is your opinion about this man? He answered: O Rasulullah! He is a poor of Muslims. If he proposes (for marriage), it will not be accepted; should he recommend (something), his recommendation will be rejected; and if he speaks, nobody will pay heed. Rasulullah (SAW) said: This man (the poor Muslim) is better than a whole world (full) of the like of that (the first one). Source: Sahih Bukhari.

We must love and respect the poor ones of this ummah and we should never look down upon them. During this month of Ramadan, let us all remember how much sufferings they go through everyday.

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