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Buy a kingdom for a glass of water

Once Sheikh Ibne Sammak (may Allah have mercy on him) paid a visit to a king. It so chanced that, when the Sheikh greeted him, the king was holding a glass of water in his hand. He said to the Sheikh, "Give me a word of advice." The Sheikh said, "Suppose you could have this glass of water only at the cost of your entire kingdom and you have to choose between dying of thirst or giving your kingdom away, which one would you prefer?" The king replied, "I would naturally prefer a glass of water and part with my entire kingdom." The Sheikh said, "Then, I do not understand why anyone should take joy in a kingdom which is worth only a glass of water."
Source: "Fadhail-e-Sadaqaa Part II", translated by Prof. Abdul Karim.

These incidents show that each one of us has been granted by Allah such precious gifts, the value whereof cannot be determined in terms of millions and billions of dollars.

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