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Ayyaz breaks the precious jewel

Sultan Mahmood had a servant whose name was Ayyaz. Ayyaz was well known for his good manners and wisdom. Once, Sultan Mahmood was holding a precious jewel in his hand while sitting with his ministers. He told one of the ministers to break the jewel. Since the jewel was very expensive, the minister refused to break it. Then the Sultan told another minister to break it. He also denied to break the jewel. One by one all the ministers refused to break the precious jewel due to its great value. Now, Sultan Mahmood passed the jewel to Ayyaz and told him to break it. Ayyaz immediately took the stone to his hand and threw it hard on the floor. The jewel shattered into pieces. The Sultan asked Ayyaz why he broke the jewel while others denied to do so. Ayyaz said "The jewel is valuable, but your order is more valuable."

We should learn from this story that even if the things of this world are very precious and valuable, the orders of Allah are much more valuable. So, we should follow them.

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