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Are we prepared for the journey?

It is said that Sheikh Habib-Ajami Rahmatullah alaihe, who is one of the renowned spiritual leaders, looked gravely concerned at the time of death. Someone said to him, 'It is strange that a Divine like you should feel so disturbed at the hour of death; we have never seen you in such great worry.' The Sheikh replied, 'The journey (to the unknown) is far too long for my scanty provisions (the store of virtues). I do not know the way, for, I have not traversed it before. I shall have to face my Lord and Sustainer, the Master of my soul, Whose Countenance I have not seen before. I shall be laid in the grave under the ground and be there, till the Day of Resurrection, all alone, without any friend or comforter. I shall then be required to appear before Allah Ta'ala for Reckoning and, if I am told to present one act of virtue like the act of reciting 'Subhaan-Allah,' once performed during the sixty years of my life, which should be untarnished by the evil influence of Shaitan, I fear that I may not be able to produce one.'

Story extracted from 'Fadhail-e-Sadaqaa' Part II translated by Prof. Abdul Karim

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