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Angels help in Afganistan

I wish to relate a true incident that was narrated to me by my cousin Mohamed Kharwa - This incident occurred during the course of this month i.e. March 2000.

Mohamed is a technician at a carpet making factory . He met a Russian engineer who lives in Germany . This Russian came to his factory as a rep for certain measuring scales, etc. The Russian asked Mohamed if he was a Muslim and if he reads his Salaat on time, etc. Mohamed was confused - Why was this Russian asking him all these questions ?? The Russian then produced his passport which showed that he was actually a Muslim. He then proceeded to relate his story as follows:

He was a soldier fighting in the Afghan war against the Muslims - He was in a tanker pointed at the Afghan bunkers. He then saw 4 white horses with 4 riders dressed in flowing white robes. He began laughing together with his comrade and commented that what chance have these horsemen have against this tanker? Then, suddenly, these horses opened their wings .... The Russian was totally shocked - He turned his tanker and pointed it towards the Russian base, and calmly got off and walked away. He and his comrade have since converted to Islam. He also mentions that 8 other soldiers in his infantry have seen other different things and they have all converted to Islam ever since.

He could not live in Russia anymore because they would have killed him so he has migrated to Germany where he is presently working. This Russian brother also produced his small pocket Qur'aan where he quoted a verse to this extent - It states that "......Allah sends down his angels to help the outnumbered Muslims in their battles against the non-believers and these angels never leave the earth until the last battle is fought...." - He believes that this is what he saw when he was in the tanker.

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