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Allah's pure name

The following is a miraculous story which shows that Islam is the only true religion. I personally met this individual who experienced this incident. The event took place in the 1960s.

He said the following: I was living in a town where everyone was against Islam. My family was against Islam, my friends were against Islam, the Church that I went to was also against Islam. Once in a while, the priest in the Church used to give out articles which were against Islam. One day, the priest gave out an article which was against Allah. As I was reading the article, suddenly I saw that the word "Allah" is getting unusually large and covering the whole page. This happened couple of times as I tried to read the article. Though I didn't know how to become a Muslim at that spot, but my heart believed that Allah is the true God. Later, I found some Muslim brothers involved in the dawah who came from Pakistan. I joined them and learned how to become a Muslim and what to do afterwards. I do not consider this a miracle, but what is a real miracle is that Allah gave me Islam out of a place where my family was against Islam, my friends were against Islam, the Church was against Islam and the books I read were against Islam.

After 40 years have passed, this brother is still a practising Muslim and have been a means for guidance of many people.

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