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Advice from Shaikh Sulaiman

Shaikh Sulaiman, a well known scholar from South Africa, once visited us and was asked to give some advice. He mentioned that the way sweetness cannot be separated from honey, whiteness cannot be separated from milk and fragrance cannot be separated from a flower, the success of mankind cannot also be separated from following the religion of Islam. Our total success is in Islam alone. Then he told us to be mindful about keeping our duties to Allah. He gave an example that assume India sends an ambassador to Canada for improving relationships between the two countries. Now, if this ambassador becomes too busy with looking at the beautiful niagra falls and other landmarks of Canada and forgets about his duties then what will happen to him when he goes back to India? Yes, he will be fired from his job. Similarly, if we also don't carry out our duties while we are sent to this world then we will also not be appreciated in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement when we return to Him. As a result, let us be cautious about our responsibilities as being Muslims.

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