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A Youth's Search For Truth

Some time ago there was a young boy by the name of Amsa. Amsa lived in a little house with his mother Mariah and little brother Joshua. Amsa worked hard everyday, listened to his mother, and often from time to time he would go to the little mosques in town. The other boys in town would often make fun of Amsa because instead of playing tag and throwing rocks in the pond he would have much rather want to peer into the door of the mosque where he would silently study and observe the men as they prayed on there little carpets 5 times a day. This fascinated Amsa a lot he wanted to pray just like the men he observed, but he knew that his friends and family would object. So one day Amsa just stopped sneaking to the door of the mosque and started throwing rocks in the pond like the other boys did. Years passed and Amsa had a family and became a good Muslim man but he never told his family that he had became Muslim in fear of what they would say. But one day he went to visit his mother and little brother and he noticed that Joshua wasn't playing with the other boys instead he would go to the mosque and peek into the door just as Amsa had did as a child. Seeing this amazed Amsa so much that he had cried out to Allah in happiness. Amsa immediately took Joshua by the hand and Joshua could see the visible tears in Amsa's eyes. Amsa told Joshua all about Islam in that day and Joshua immediately joined Islam the same day.

Allah has done something so wonderful for Amsa Allah gave Amsa the gift of teaching Islam to his little brother.

- by Aminah.

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