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A Youth Realizes the Truth

Many Muslims from the Arab regions migrated to various parts of South America in the last few hundred years. After few generations have passed, the Muslims there slowly started going away from Islam due to the lack of an Islamic environment. To remind these people to be steadfast in Islam, a group of brothers from Toronto, Canada were sent to Venezuela in 2002. Due to their strong effort, some amazing changes took place in the lives of Muslims in Venezuela who were in the verge of leaving Islam. One such incidents is mentioned below.

As the brothers were looking for Muslims one day, they noticed a young boy of about 16 years of age who looked like an Arab. So they approached him and asked what his name was and if he was a Muslim. The youth replied that he is Muslim and his name is Darwin. Islam was so much out of their lives that their names became the names of famous atheists! The brothers gave him dawah and asked if he could join them for some time. The youth took his mother's permission and joined them for few days. Within 3 days, Darwin learned Surah Fatiha and started feeling the sweetness of iman. Then he asked his mother if he could join them for some more time and the permission was granted. Within two weeks, Darwin started getting up for Tahajjud on his own. Then one day after Maghrib prayer, he went to the front and mentioned that he had something to say. He told the worshippers that, "From today, I am not Darwin any more, I am Abdullah (the meaning of this name is Servant of Allah)."

These are the results that come forth by the effort of those who give their time and energy for the sake of Islam. The brothers have gone back to South America last month to cover more areas. May Allah make them successful.

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