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A miracle of the Prophet

Imran bin Husain (RA) narrates that the companions of the Prophet (SAW) submitted to him their grievence about thirst during a journey. The Prophet (SAW) got down from his conveyance and ordered Ali (RA) and another person to go and serch for water. "So, they went accordingly. They met a woman possessing two small water-skins contaning water. They brought her to the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) caused a pot to be brought and poured in it the water of both the water-skins and asked the companions to drink from it. Imran (RA) stated: "We, the forty thirsty men drank water from it very well and we filled all our pots and water-skins with water. I swear by Allah Almighty that the water-skins (of the woman) seemed to be full with water than before." Source: Bukhari and Muslim.

Subhan-Allah! Allah is able to suffice 40 thirsty people plus fill all their water pots and containers from water that wouldn't be enough for one person.

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