Mughal Hajj Group

Mughal Hajj Group
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Hajj 2019

Mughal Hajj Group
Terrible service. Had issues as soon we got to Medinah. The group the agent assigned us was not even aware of our arrival. Second, finally after figuring that out, reach to hotel and surprise, no where we were able to find our group so we start other travel group who helped us settled in Medinah. We paid to get 4-5 star hotels and as promised we did received it but after waiting in the lobby just to find out our names were not listed. Not big deal, Hajj Season-it can be chaotic. Patiently waited and finally figured out who is our group leader but he was in Makkah. Joined other group for ziyarah and then ride with the other group to Makkah and found the hotel we were assigned and they didn't have a name either. We were just glad the group we were traveling with were so helpful to figure out everything for us in the journey. Long story short: Wouldn't recommend this agency but just being patience throughout the journey got us through the entire trip so smoothly after all these road blocks.
- Faizan Tai

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