Sky Fly Connections Limited

Sky Fly Connections Limited
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City: Bradford

Umrah Trip

Sky Fly Connections Limited
Your Review: For any brothers and sisters thinking of booking Hajj or Umrah trips please avoid this company. I booked an Umrah trip for my wife, 3 children and my mother-in-law. We paid for a 5 star service (£2,100 each). The hotel in Medina was changed 3 times and we ended up in a zero star hotel, run down and dirty. The ziarat we booked was changed last minute so we had to rearrange to following day. If you want to pay top price but want zero star hotels please use SkyFly. May Allah SWT give them guidance and make their hearts less greedy. They are dealing with peoples' life savings and lifelong dreams of visiting such sacred placed yet all they want to do is rip people off.

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