Al-Bahisht Hajj and Umrah Tours

Al-Bahisht Hajj and Umrah Tours
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City: London

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Al-Bahisht Hajj and Umrah Tours
Alhamdulillah .May Allah swt accept all our ibada, our Umra, our Hajj , my prayers are for all those who have been before us ,those who are there now and those who have been for this year ,and those who are going to go in future ,for Umra AND Hajj ,Allah swt accept our efforts and forgive us and accept our Umra and Hajj . ameen May Allah swt give Mazhar bhai and all his company all the good here and hereafter .Ameen .Alhamdulillah we had a very good journey and they all looked after us really well . in sha Allah im thinking of booking with his company again .all i can say is thumbs up with everything and i mean everything , they all so kind understanding caring and very very very patients with all of the hajjis , Keep it up .

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