Labayk Hajj Reviews

Labayk Hajj Reviews
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Province: Ontario

Strong Worning-Terrible Experience

Labayk Hajj Reviews
I strongly advise anyone considering this company for their pilgrimage to think twice and explore other options. Our journey with Labayk Hajj was marred by severe organizational issues, neglect, and a complete lack of responsibility on their part. From the very beginning, our troubles started with flight changes and hotel mismanagement. Labayk Hajj altered our flight schedule from Toronto multiple times, and as a result, we had to purchase new tickets for our local flight from Vancouver to Toronto and our non-refundable hotel reservation, resulting in a loss of over $1300 for two people. Despite promises made by one of their representatives to reimburse these costs, the owner, Bashir Mustafa, later denied any responsibility. Our main concerns were with the betrayal in Medina and on the Holy Day of Arafah. We were promised at least a few days in Medina, but when we arrived at the Medina airport, we were only allotted less than 10 hours. This was definitely not what we were promised, and this did not give us enough time to peacefully pray in the Prophet’s Masjid. We had bookings to pray in Riaz Ul Jannah, but due to the company’s poor planning, we missed our bookings, and a once in a lifetime opportunity. When we arrived in Arafah, it turned out there were no tents booked for us, and the pilgrims were left to face the harsh desert sun for hours! Absolutely outrageous; the whole purpose of booking through a company was to ease some of the pilgrims’ burdens, not to increase them. Labbayk Hajj’s incompetence, neglect, and irresponsible behaviour hardened our Hajj experience, and inflicted financial harm on our family. Please spare yourself the agony and disappointment we endured. May Allah accept the Hajj of all pilgrims.
- Fakhar Malik

Labayk Hajj disaster

Labayk Hajj Reviews
Labayk Hajj is not recommended at all. We booked with Labayk Hajj for the 2023 hajj in a group of 85 people. We paid a large amount of money for the trip. It was problematic from the first day. There was almost NO guidance and there was much neglect and disorganization. Hajj is challenging by nature, but Labayk Hajj caused unnecessary extra problems. They did not have staff to help or guide. It appears to be a one-man company (Mr. Bashir Mustafa Bashir, the owner of Labyak Hajj) and you will be very fortunate if he replies to your text or phone calls during the hajj. It started on the first day. One group needed to do the umrah. The person who took the pilgrims for the umrah before the hajj was a volunteer on his own (not part of Labayk Hajj) and left before the umrah was completed, leaving one of the people doing the umrah to guide the others. But this is minor compared to what we experienced in Mina and Arafah. Labayk Hajj owner Mr. Bashir neglected to confirm tents before departing for Mina and Arafah. He had NO tents reserved for the 85 individuals in his group. Upon arrival in Mina, all 85 of us had to wait for over two hours on the bus because we had no tents to stay in for the next 3 days. The pilgrims did not know why they were waiting on the bus. We were very fortunate that one Imam negotiated with the workers (the cooking and cleaning staff) to give up their sleeping tents for us. During all this time, Mr. Bashir's whereabouts were unknown to the pilgrims. It appears he knew there was a problem and decided to abandon us. On the day of Arafah (the most important day of the hajj), in 47 celsius heat, again there was no tent available for the male pilgrims, and Mr. Bashir had not confirmed the tent booking before the pilgrims departed Mina for Arafah. Twice we were told to go to other groups' tents but we were kicked out by the other organizers. It was 47 degrees celsius and we had to spend the whole Arafah day under the sun. Again, Mr. Bashir was nowhere to be found. At approximately 2 p.m. he showed up for about 15 minutes. All of us were upset and angry, and his answer was “This is not my problem. I am only a service provider.” and got into his car and left us. Some people were already ill and needed to be hospitalized in Saudi Arabia as a result. Also, there was no guidance for the women at the end of the day of Arafah for which bus to take to Muzdalifah. Only thanks to Allah did women bump into each other and go together to Muzdalifah. Women should not be left alone like that. Labayk Hajj failed to confirm hajj bookings, failed to provide adequate guidance, and wrongly forced the responsibility of logistics onto the pilgrims which took away their focus on ibadah (worship). May Allah (SWT) give the pilgrims their right and accept their hajj.
- Plumeria

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