Kamal’s Hajj Group Reviews

Kamal's Hajj Group Reviews
4.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

About: Kamal (Toronto) is a reseller of Hajj packages from authorized Hajj agents.
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Good price

Kamal’s Hajj Group Reviews
Kamal bhai probably offers the best price in Toronto for hajj. You can't really find anything cheaper. Not 5 star hotels but decent. Hajj is about sacrifice, so luxury should be secondary. Kamal bhai went the extra mile to look after his group.
- Helal

Descent experience

Kamal’s Hajj Group Reviews
I had the opportunity to travel with brother Kamal for Hajj. He works with major Hajj companies like Baggia Travel as a sub agent. My overall experience was positive, with some negatives as well. But, that’s expected from most Hajj companies. Brother Kamal’s Hajj packages are usually cheaper. The hotel in Madinah was very close. In Makkah, the stay was in Azizia, which is about 9km away from Haraam. In my package, food was not included during the stay in the hotels. The positives: Brother Kamal is very dedicated. He is pious and hard working. He tries his best to make sure everything is going smoothly. For those traveling with families, he makes sure proper seperation between men and women are followed. He leads the group with a dedicated qualified scholar who was able to answer questions related to various rituals of Hajj. He organized tours in both Makkah and Madinah. The negatives: The only major set back for his packages were the stay in Azizia. It’s very cumbersome to travel between Haraam and Azizia during the busy Hajj season. It interferes with the rituals of Hajj. Also, buying food from outside is not a good idea as one can easily get sick. Later on, I heard that brother Kamal was eliminating stay in Azizia. If you are thinking of purchasing a package from him, please inquire about the stay. Other than that, no complaints.
- ZI

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