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long under garment worn by the Arabs.


a piece of a branch or root of a tree that is used as a toothbrush. Also called a miswak.


Fasting such that to stop eating, drinking or doing sexual activity from the rising of the sun and till its setting.

Subahan Allah

glory be to Allah. A sentence that has to be said by all Muslims, declaring the magnificent power of God for his creation.


a raised platform that was used by the Prophet as a welcomming point for newcomers or destitute people. It was part of his masjid.


pages or manuscripts.


the position in salat in which the person prostrates on the ground with his hands, knees, feet, and face touching the ground.


the examples of the Prophet's life what he said, did, implemented, how he implemented... Almost the same as the hadith.


a chapter in the Quran.

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