Ijara Canada?

Amina asked 4 years ago

Did anyone deal with Ijara Canada for halal mortgage? If so, can you let me know if they are reliable?

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Abdul answered 4 years ago

Salam. I dealt with Ijara Canada few years ago. My experience with them wasn’t entirely positive. Unlike some of the other halal mortgage companies, Ijara charges a fee, about $2000 to setup the mortgage. They also charge a monthly fee of about $20 once your mortgage is setup. The financing is done through a regular bank and they just restructure the mortgage, basically a legal agreement, to make it “halal”. If the other halal mortgage companies like Zero and Aya were available back in the days, I would’ve gone with them.

Communication is not the best when it comes to seeking customer service. Sometimes, they were quite rude. It seems, they are greedy for your money only and don’t really care about you as a customer. When I get the chance, I will definately move away from them. But, it’s possible you will have a different experience than me.

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