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Short Jumah Khutbahs in Arabic and English Language


Do you need to lead Jumah at school, university or at your work place? Or maybe you are trying to learn how to give Khutbah so that Jumah can be prayed in an area where there is no nearby Masjid. Our collection of short Jumah Khutbahs are easy to follow and contains trasliteration of the opening and closing statements along with MP3 audio sound. Each khutbah has been written so that the entire khutbah can be completed within 15 minutes or less. We have only selected information from Quran and authentic ahadith and reliable Islamic sources. Feel free to beautify the khutbahs with your own contents. You will notice that the opening and closing statements are standard and repeat on all pages. The topic based contents have been bolded. For English translations of our opening and closing statements please visit this page. We thank Shaikh Ehsaan for contributing the audio files.